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Join the "A-Team"
At AVIE we have two priorities: our clients and our people. Our clients want the brightest and most experienced consultants in the industry so that’s who we aim to attract to the “A-Team”. So far we’ve been successful. Our consultants are talented, hard-working, loyal, and honest. Our team only wins when our consultants achieve, so we put significant effort into matching our consultants with the right project and opportunity. The bottom line: when you’re on our team, your success is our priority.
We look for experienced consultants with great references that have a demonstrated record of working collaboratively and effectively with their clients. We expect our consultants to be passionate, driven, and to thrive on being professionals with technical skills that can be applied to real-world scenarios.
In order to draw the best talent we pay our consultants above the industry standard, and our consultants are rarely asked to travel for their projects.
We take pride in our work, but we also care deeply about giving back to our community. As a company, AVIE gives 10% of its net operating income to charities each year. Our consultants are also encouraged to give their time and/or money to help non-profits succeed.
The work we do is fast-paced, dynamic, and complex! So if you’re looking for rewarding work with a lean, entrepreneurial organization that’s focused on clients and projects, then we’re interested in you. Please email a copy of your resume and the type of work you are looking for to
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