Founded in March 2008, AVIE provides business and strategy consulting services in the greater Seattle area. AVIE was founded to provide a low-cost alternative to the “name brand” consulting firms. We charge our clients less. But in order to attract the best talent… we pay our consultants more. What has resulted is a lean firm that’s focused on our clients and projects.
We have attracted an elite group of “A-Team” consultants who know the fast-paced and delivery-focused culture of the largest companies in the world. Our consultants ramp quickly and they know how to navigate, support, and drive projects at complex, multi-national corporations.
We partner with our clients for large-scale business initiatives, one-time projects, and on-going support. We work with senior management to analyze and develop a strategic business direction and then either manage existing client teams or provide consultants to execute projects. Our consultants typically work on-site with our clients so we can deliver jointly – our success is shared.
Over the years we have gained the reputation of being partners and trusted advisors in helping our clients achieve their most strategic and operational goals. Clients have described our consultants as insightful, strategic, hard-working, relentless and honest. This is because our most important guiding principle has never changed: we are 100% client-focused.
Our community involvement is important to us so we donate our time and business expertise to help local non-profit organizations succeed. AVIE also gives 10% of its net operating income to charities each year. This corporate giving strategy is a reflection of the values of our company and people.
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